Want to become a model tenant landlords love? Here are four things you can do.

It pays to be a good tenant. For starters, landlords value reliable tenants and will be likely to offer you the extra stability of a long-term lease if you fulfil all your responsibilities.

And being known as a good tenant will also help you secure a positive reference from your property manager when you apply for your next rental property.

Here are four things you can do to become a model tenant:

  1. Pay your rent on time

It may sound obvious, but late rent payments are the fastest way to anger your landlord. Set up an automatic bank transfer to ensure you don’t forget to make payments, and try to keep the account well funded so you don’t fall short.

  1. Look after the property

Keeping the property clean and tidy will help you pass your inspections with flying colours. It’s pretty simply really – respect the landlord’s property and they’ll see you as a reliable tenant they can trust with their very large investment.

  1. Respect your neighbours

Creating good relationships with your neighbours and respecting their wishes when it comes to noise levels and the general management of the complex will prevent them making complaints about you to your property manager.

  1. Comply with your lease agreement

It’s important to understand your lease agreement and comply with all the conditions listed in it. This goes for pets as well. If you’ve signed to a lease agreement that does not allow pets, don’t go back on your word or try to hide anything from your landlord.



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