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What is a tailored marketing campaign? - Pavilion Property

A tailored marketing campaign is a combination of different advertising mediums that have been customised to solely suit your property. It takes further market research to generate tailored marketing. A good agent should be able to hone down on the different demographics that would be interested in a certain property and create captivating marketing to capture the intended target audience.

It sounds expensive, but in many cases, it is much cheaper then just doing the same as everyone else. Every property is different, each with their own personality. The idea is to understand that property intimately and match those thoughts with a smaller targeted audience. By doing this, you can consolidate your expenditure and aggressively push your property solely in front of clients who would be interested.

It involves a mixture of traditional advertising mediums and some newer ideas revolving around social media. It may also include different public relations work and event management. An agent should do whatever it takes to ensure they fill a property up with qualified potential buyers. That’s how you not only sell property, you set records.

Understanding a market place and people in general is something that takes time. An experienced agent can get a general feel on how to go forward with marketing. Suggestions would be expressed through past deals and local knowledge. An inexperienced agent can only work with speculation and the general market.

When you’re appointing your agent, ask plenty of questions on what the best tailored marketing campaign would suit your property. If it’s simply putting it on the internet, in some print media and hoping for the best. Well, keep interviewing until you find someone who thinks outside the box a little. A tailored marketing campaign will not only expose your property to the right clients, it has more ability to set a record and get beyond your expectations.



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