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What is a condition report? - Pavilion Property

At the beginning of a tenancy an agent must perform a condition report for the landlord and tenant. The reason why it is so important that your agent must thoroughly complete this report is because of any disputes that may arise between you and your tenant. With a condition report in hand, you can have evidence of what the state of your property was at the prior to the tenant moving in to what it is at the end.

When your property manager is doing the report, they should take as many notes as they can and plenty of photos. These days a mixture of photos and video are being used to really help safeguard landlords. Once the report is complete, the agent will pass it on to the tenant to also fill in the report. The tenant must go through the property and mark down any further notes that an agent may have missed and then sign off on the report and return it to the agent.

At the completion of the lease, after the tenant has moved out, the property manager will go back through the property and conduct an exit condition report. This report is to be compared to the initial report to see whether there has been any damage to the property while the tenants were there. This does not include any general wear and tear, though any major damages that are at fault of a tenant will usually have the repair costs deducted from the bond prior to the bond release back to the tenant.

Always ensure that your agent has performed a thorough check of the property in the beginning and the end of the tenancy. If you’re local to your investment property, take the time to go with the agent and make sure you don’t miss anything. This is the time when you can lose or save on your investment.



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