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” We’ve got your future covered “

   – Team Pavilion

Pavilion Property is a genuine boutique agency. Unlike the large transactional real estate franchises, we put strict limits on the number of active campaigns each of our agents may work on at one time. That means personalised service is not just something we talk about. Rather, we actively support all our agents to provide custom solutions to each and every client, and are selective with the vendors and investors we choose to assist. This gives us the time to work more closely with our clients, provide better buyer follow-up, and offer more frequent and meaningful communication to all our clients.

Our Melbourne CBD office joins our thriving headquarters on the Bellarine Peninsula to extend our reach and help our investors build their property portfolios with high yield city properties that complement our many stunning coastal opportunities. Our genuine boutique approach has allowed us to achieve better sales results, fewer average days on market and higher client satisfaction rates. That’s the Pavilion Property difference.

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